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Green Building GGH Construction has made green part of how we do business, from design and new construction, demolition and clearing to rehab and renovation.
Rebuilding With Style
This completed retaining wall project was not only functional, it enhanced the visual appeal of the property
A 360˚ Approach From floors, ceilings, structural design, HVAC to electrical, facades and more, the GGH Construction team takes a holistic, 360˚ view at each project to ensure the best, most cost-effective approach
Total Reconstruction
GGH Construction manages the entire property reconstruction process; we restore walls, flooring, ceilings, structural elements, woodwork, and electrical to their original conditions - and often better thanks to our unique approach
Total Project Management
Curbs and access roads are part of the overall construction project
Elite, Green-Aware Homes
GGH Construction also specializes in green-based, elite vacation homes and properties
Property Reconstruction
Expertise includes property reconstruction, such as this newly built retaining wall to replace a failing wood-based structure
Commercial/Industrial Construction
Custom built commercial and residential properties – from environmentally conscious design through low carbon footprint construction
Catastrophic Reconstruction
GGH Construction manages all aspects of reconstruction after a catastrophic event. Here the team rebuilds a vital urban retail business

A New Approach

We’re a Tri-State area based construction management and general contractor firm that delivers peace of mind and greater value to commercial and residential property owners through our “dream team” approach to every project. Each construction situation is unique and calls for a similarly unique team to address its execution. From our elite and proven network, cultivated over years of professional work, GGH Construction brings in only the resources we need to successfully complete each challenge. It’s an economically sound and efficient solution. You get the best expertise in the industry without overtaxing tight budgets.

Hurricane Restoration

We provide rapid emergency response, property restoration and insurance coordination.

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Project News

GGH Construction was hired to manage a significant repair and replacement project at a major Cherry Hill, NJ synagogue.

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Areas of Practice

Construction Management
Green Initiatives
Insurance Restoration
Residential Construction
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